Sunday, April 5, 2009

Homemaking and Routines...

I have never been very successful at establishing routines and keeping my house in order. I've always struggled with knowing what to do when and having a simple enough system that would motivate me without making me feel guilty if I didn't get it all done. Homeschooling 2 kids with a toddler in tow while trying to run a household, go to nursing school and occasionally work at the hospital is a daunting proposition. The Motivated Moms planner helps me stay on top of my household tasks in a way that works for me. Granted, I don't get it all done. But I get more done than I used to and it reminds me of things that would otherwise be overlooked. There's a place for the every day stuff that I need to do, which helps me build a routine, and there are different jobs to do each day such as watering the plants, restocking the toilet paper, vacuuming the living room, cleaning out the fridge, etc. She divides all the jobs into little 5 or 10 minute chunks, which is really what I need. I might not have an hour to clean the kitchen, but I do have 5 minutes to clean the 2nd shelf of the refrigerator. Your house won't get clean all at once using this system, but you'll make steady progress that you can see and you'll have a sense of accomplishment with a record of what you've done each day towards having a cleaner, more organized home. Give it a try, you might like it. You can view some samples to see if it's what you're looking for. Here's a link: Click here to visit Motivated Moms.

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