Sunday, April 5, 2009

Coupon Shopping at Target is Fun and Easy

Our grocery spending can be little or much, depending on how much time and effort I decide to spend on it. Sure, it's easy to stop at the store on the way home from school, throw in the basket whatever looks good and swipe my debit card at the register. But seeing that $100+ total and getting that sinking feeling in my stomach because I know I just blew any chance of us being able to have any fun this week or pay extra on our debt or put any money in savings... You get the picture. I think most of us moms have been there. So, why not put saving money on groceries a little higher on the priority list and make it FUN while you're at it? What used to be a drudgery (grocery shopping) is now quite a good time when I can leave the store with a cart overflowing with necessary stuff AND some fun stuff, too, knowing that I've only spent a smidgen of what I'd have spent before. The other day I went to my local Target (which I LOVE) and got about $200 in groceries for $45.28: 7 boxes of the kids' favorite cereal, 3 jars spaghetti sauce, toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, Cheetos, applesauce, cat food, mandarin oranges, Velveeta Shells and Cheese, Chex Mix, and tons more!! Our cabinets are stuffed to the brim with yummy stuff and a lot of the non-food stuff we need, too. I used a combination of Target store coupons and printable manufacturer coupons to do this and didn't even bother with clipping coupons out of the paper. If you'd like to print your own Target grocery coupons you can get them here. Happy Target shopping!!


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