Monday, April 6, 2009

Been to Goodwill Lately??

I LOVE my Goodwill store. It's my favorite place to shop. I buy our books there. I buy our clothes there. Shoes. Purses. Dishes. Toys. Yep, all from my Goodwill. Some goodwill stores are better than others and we have quite a few in our area that I don't bother with. I started out buying books there. Then I got the idea to list some of those books on eBay. I'd buy children's books for $.20 or textbooks for $1 or $2. Then I'd list those books and sell them for sometimes $20 or $30. I buy children's clothing for $1.99 each, baby clothes up to 24 months $.99, kids' shoes $1.99, men's shorts $3.99, purses $3.99, wallets $2.00, etc. My Goodwill store doesn't sell junk. We wear name brand clothes (Gap, Old Navy, Children's Place, Osh Kosh, Nautica, Polo, Lee, Levi's, Arizona, etc.). It was only a year ago that my kids realized the clothes we bought at Goodwill weren't new. So, if you haven't tried out your local Goodwill lately, you should. You never know what treasures might be waiting for you.


  1. Goodwill is great! You just never know what you'll come across there. I've found some great deals over the years on name brands, just like you.